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[Media Photo] Kim Hyun Joong KISS KISS on M!Countdown

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[GIF] Kim Hyun Joong on Star Avenue

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Kim Hyun Joong on Star Avenue Special Programe

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[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Interview for Hanako Magazine

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 An iconic flower boy of “Boys Over Flowers” and “Playful Kiss”,

KIM HYUN JOONG has eventually made his debut in Japan!

As artist and actor, the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong in all over Asia is outstanding as well as his career.  He has just started his full-scale activities in Japan. 

Kim Hyun Joong thinks of someone he loves while singing love songs

According to the image of songs, he shows us different sides of himself. 
With dying his hair dark blonde and a slender figure, he looked like a matured man today, being tender and cool at the same time.  

Q:  You have just started a full-scale promotion as artist in Japan. How do you feel now?

KHJ:  Having heard that my CDs were sold out in some of the stores on the day of release, I was very very happy.  I would like to work harder to repay the love I receive from the fans.

Q:  You are the No.1 artist in Korea in terms of both of popularity and career.  So, your debut attracted much attention in Japan.  Any pressure on you ?

KHJ:  I have never thought of myself as No.1.  I just try to find fun in my work.   I will continue to practice so that I can deliver music which everyone can enjoy.  I’d rather enjoy live stage than being under pressure.  I have a slight concern about myself as I don’t feel any pressure at all.  

He talks with a gentle smile and a touch of natural dementia.  A real prince of a new generation.

KHJ:   It seems that I have an image of gentle character thanks to the roles I took in dramas, but actually, I am mannifish in behavior.  Instead of spending time in a house, I prefer to play soccer outside.  

The debut single album is full of his various attractiveness.

KHJ:  “Kiss Kiss is a friendly style song with easy choreography.  Everyone feels familiar with this song.  “Lucky Guy” has a playboy concept in one side.  The rhythm of Lucky Guy makes people feel an itch for moving their body.  So it is good to listen to in spring season.  Just warm your heart with Kiss Kiss in winter.

It is amazing that he easily talks in such a sweet manner.  

Q:  What do you think of while singing love songs?

KHJ:  I think of someone I love; it may be fans, or someone else.  Thanks to the experiences as actor, I can quickly control my feeling now.  

 He uttered a word full of meaning!  

Five Keywords to know more about Kim Hyun Joong

1/ Work:  As artist, I will pursue what I would like to do.  But as actor,
I will show you what you expect me.  In the near future, I may be able to show a different image of myself, a much masculine style.

2/ Dream:  Dream is motivation for me.  I don’t have a clear-cut image of the final goal, but it is my dream to create music or act together with fans.

3/ Dogs:  I like dogs.  I can communicate with dogs.   I had my dogs perform “give hands” and “Bang” in front of the fans (* He talked about the Seoul Fan Meeting).   He performed very well; he may have felt as if he had risked his life^^

4/ Japanese Language

I take two-hour lesson twice every week.  Actually I understand 80% of Japanese.  The next time I visit Japan, I will speak in Japanese.  
The word I recently learned are “desperate”, “ hard “, and “ Agepoyo ( a slang used among high school girls via mobile, which means “  highly lifted feeling, Excitement “.    (* Hyun Joong referred to this word, “agepoyo” in TV, triggering an explosion of laughter in the audience, a glimpse of his 4D ness^^)

5/ Fans:  Inspite of a newcomer in Japan, the existence of fans makes me feel much confident.  I hope that they will continue to give love and support to me and my activities as singer and actor.

Kim Hyun Joong in HangTen Spring Catalogue

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Kim Hyun Joong's Handsome Photos

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[Article]Kim Hyun Joong UNIQUE IMAGE

By LazerKim 
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By LazerKim:  As I was reading comments from my other articles, something had caught my attention, this question “What’s with this guy, Kim Hyun Joong, that I can’t get over with”. Honestly, I asked myself the same question and I actually tried to make comparisons as the media news had compared Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk as Prince of Asia. I even wrote an article about it, but it was dead end, Hyun Joong is still beyond comparable.
And so I chose someone very close to Hyun Joong with almost the same origin. I picked on Kim JaeJong. I barely know the guy, and so I watched some video clips of the concert of his previous and present group. I’m not fond of Kpop but just for curiousity, I watched one of his concerts in Japan with his group which kept changing names I think, it’s Tohoshinki or TVXQ or DBSK and currently JYJ. I admit, I was so impressed by their concert, because the group was really good. I focused my attention to Jaejong and I think he’s the most handsome among the members, with a good singing voice. I looked into his profile, and he has an impressive credential too.

Then there was a video clip of Hyun Joong and Jaejong being together, which I enjoyed watching them both. There are similarities since both are tall, that time both have almost the same hair color and style, the shape of their faces are almost the same, their eyes are quite different though. After watching three separate videos focused on JaeJong and three concert video clips, I stopped. What I was searching for was a factor that I’ll get hooked, if you know what I mean. I think Jaejong is a very nice guy, listening from how he speak, he’s gentle, soft spoken and mind you he speaks fluent Japanese, right grammar, with right intonation. He has such a handsome face, but I soon got tired of. There’s a certain thing that when you look at a handsome face the longer you look at him the more handsome he becomes. Hyun Joong has it, but JaeJong may look handsome but you can easily get tired of it.
In terms of performance, well JaeJong is quite a strong singer, having a good voice quality and he’s a good dancer too, but I must say, he missed the stage character and I think the charisma too. His expression is all the same from the performances I watched, it’s like watching him from the start to end with the same projection, based on the three performances that I watched. But I think he has the potential as soloist. Well maybe when he’s already a solo artist that’s the only time I can have a better opinion. But I’ll research more about him since he’s Hyun Joong’s best friend. I won’t be a judge of character to him because I barely know him. I can only comment based on his three performances I’ve seen and it’s not enough. But I’ll definitely write about him and Hyun Joong’s friendship with JaeJong being his best friend after my research.

Now let’s see with Hyun Joong’s stage performance. I read another comment from a fan saying, that every time she watch Hyun Joong performs, the more her desire to watch him grows. Let’s start with breakdown, this music piece is the most intense among Hyun Joong’s music. It projects a very strong manly character which he was able to execute perfectly. His body movements project dynamic impact to the audience, and Breakdown was perfectly made for his voice range. So I can’t imagine others singing it, even the song is quite easy to follow.
With kiss Kiss, this one is really cute, he looks like a boy next door type of image. In this music you can see a lot of changes in Hyun Joong’s charming expression. And take note Hyun Joong is being consistent in his projection from the time he first performed it up to time he brought this music to Japan. In Lucky Guy he portrays like a playboy gambler type of guy. In this music, what you can see is Hyun Joong’s character acting, which projects many different expressions not only in his facial projection but body movements too.
So watching him perform his music, he doesn’t stay in one single image, Hyun Joong was able to create his own versatility that makes him a unique artist. And these are qualities that I look for from other idols or solo singers. Watching an artist perform on stage, there has to be different variation of dance and music. And watching a 45min show by a single performer may turn out dragging if the performer has the same image, the same projection for the entire show. And this makes Hyun joong different from the rest.

 About Hyun Joong’s looks I couldn’t compare Hyun Joong with the rest of F4 members because he had already outshine the other three members at BOF. I just remembered, in one of Hyun Joong’s interview, he mentioned that people kept comparing him to other’s look alike. And yes there are many video clips that compare his face to others, even to a Japanese idol. So what makes Kim Hyun Joong so unique, in terms of looks?
I would say maybe he has the habit of changing his hair style!!! In my experience, after seeing him at BOF with blonde and orange brown, I hardly recognized him when he had a long dark hair with three ear pierce. It’s like seeing him from a flower boy to a cute punk or the other way around. People change their hairstyle but you can still recognize them. In case of Hyun Joong, whenever he change his hairstyle it seems his face changes too and so with his entire image!!! So people don’t get tired of him because he’s full of surprises, he would surprise you in a flower boy image, next he will just shock you in a bad boy image!! And he’s not worried for doing so that might not be accepted by his fans. Why? Because anything goes for Hyun Joong and he still looks very handsome. 
Whenever he looks at anyone straight to their eyes, it’s like he’s looking at your very soul that can makes you melt right at once!!! He can portray different looks in his eyes. Whenever he change his hair, be it the color or the style, he looks like a totally different person. Well, these are purely Hyun Joong’s physical outlook particularly his most attractive features, that for me is captivating. His hair style makes the difference, but the  look in his eyes and smile, boy!!! I’ll run out of adjectives in describing it!!! He has a great body built……. period. I don’t want to talk about it.!!!

I think what makes Hyun Joong better than the rest of the artist is the totality of his personality as an artist on and off stage, as far as physical aspect is concern, prior to knowing him as a person. Well, once you get to know the guy you’re completely captured and we all know that very well.  So what I’m trying to accomplish in this article are the qualities that made me drawn to Hyun Joong. I weigh the differences from other celeb, that made me ask myself, why wasn’t I attracted to JaeJong. I admit liking Jang Geun Suk when I watched Marry Me Mary but I wasn’t hooked on him. I mean these guys are so handsome and competitively talented. But Hyun Joong is just different.
People will never get tired of Hyun Joong, as another fan commented, “when I turn to be a grandma and is still a fan of Hyun Joong, I would share with my grandchildren, that once in my entire life I admire this one man to the core”. Thanks for that. What’s with Kim Hyun Joong that made her said that?
Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with unique qualities that made him a unique individual….       LazerKim here writing.

[Article]Kim Hyun Joong TWISTED FATE

  By LazerKim
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By LazerKim:  Do you believe in fate of life? Kim Hyun Joong grew up with his guitar, and all his teenage life he holds on to his guitar, his passion for music, his aspirations and dreams, as he visualized himself holding a guitar like his idol who was a bass guitarist. But he ended up somewhere else. Nevertheless he did tried his luck as he joined a band, trained for sometime but unfortunately before the band debuted, the group was disbanded. Everything about Kim Hyun Joong started with just a teenage dream. But look at him now.
Life is choice, they said, which I believe is right, destiny is what we make out of life, they said, if you’re a hard worker, you earn more. If you’re lazy, you earn less. But what about your desires and your dreams? Well, Hyun Joong dream with his music and with his guitar, but he ended up a singer, dancer, actor. Have you thought about this?  After reading and watching video clips, I would say Hyun Joong is a gifted natural dancer since he doesn’t have a formal training in dance and yet he is equally good as those who have formal training since childhood, but he sings which is also a gifted talent. Until later on he discovered his acting ability. This guy is really amazing to be blessed with a lot of talents.

They said if one door of opportunity closed for you, it is not meant for you, because there’s another door with brighter opportunity will open for you. The way I analyse Hyun Joong’s life I think he’s spiritually guided. He might be a stubborn high school kid when he was young, I wouldn’t say he lacks the love from his family even his parents disagreed to what he wants for himself. He grew up in a religious family I believe, he was even given a christian name Rafael, since he is a Catholic. I would think he’s a believer and I notice he always wear a cross pendant with his necklace every time he performs. Well, it may just be an accessory, but I would believe he is guided.
Hyun Joong may still have his dream with his guitar since he set an area for his collection of different types of guitar in his house. Even he haven’t fulfilled his dream with his guitar, fate had lead him to a brighter career life. Which I’m very sure he wasn’t expecting to be this big. Because every time he’s being asked about future plans, he would only say he just want as many stages to perform and share his music with his fans. I mean Hyun Joong might be ambitious as I wrote in my article Crucial Year, but his ambition is just to have as many stages that he can perform to be able to reach out to his fans in many parts of the world.
Like he was asked again about his dream to perform at Tokyo Dome. And he said “Artists who performs at Tokyo Dome are big time artist, but I only want to perform there to accommodate all my fans”. See? It’s not even prestige name that he’s running after, but just a place he can perform and that can accommodate his fans, as simple as that. Hyun Joong may be a rich young celeb, a style icon, a man who stands out with class but deep inside he’s just as simple as any ordinary man. What he is currently attaining may not be his dream but he was even given more blessings beyond his dream.

In a news article I have read that Lee Joon was supposed to be cast for the role Yoon Ji Hoo of BOF. Is this another twisted fate on Hyun Joong?  Lee Joon, singer dancer actor, trained under sunbae Bi Rain and J Tue Entertainment, stated that he was supposed to portray the role of Yoon Ji Hoo that was given to Hyun Joong. Lee Joon rejected the offer simply because he was bald that time he was doing Ninja Assassin and there wasn’t sufficient time to let his hair grow until BOF star filming. And so the role landed on Hyun Joong’s lap.
It appears to me like saying Hyun Joong was lucky because Lee Joon was bald that time so the role was offered to Hyun Joong?? No way!! There’s no better actor who can portray Yoon Ji Hoo except Hyun Joong. The drama ended up a big hit and Hyun Joong was a big part of the drama’s success, no matter how others criticize Hyun Joong for the role Yoon Ji Hoo, the role was meant for him. The original author of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango where the plot of Boys Over Flower was based on, was quite surprised when she had met Hyun Joong the first time, and stated that Hyun Joong indeed was the perfect choice to describe Yoon Ji Hoo. Of course, she was the author of Hana Yori Dango, she knows very well the character she visualized when he was writing the story.
And I think Hyun Joong portrayed the role of Yoon Ji Hoo as a rich low profile, gentle, a silent type of high school student, perfectly. That until now as I watch BOF trying to convince myself to the criticism being thrown to Hyun Joong, that I just couldn’t find where the criticism falls. Does it mean that if Lee Joon portrayed the role of Ji Hoo instead of Hyun Joong, it should have been better?? I don’t think so. Kim Hyun Joong played a big part in the huge success of BOF. Period.  He may had minimal line delivery on that drama but he made a big impact to the audience and that made BOF even successful. I’m not trying to discredit Lee Min Ho’s presence but it seemed that Hyun Joong outshine the rest of the cast.

I can’t help not to talk about BOF because this is the most significant event in Hyun Joong’s career life since it was here where all it begun, as his stepping stone. It was in this drama which is his first acting project, that he started to gain attention from everywhere. Hyun Joong didn’t even know he can act, he only had discovered his talent when he was already doing the drama. When he was being offered to the project, he thought about it as a good opportunity. And he was right all along.
At the young age of Hyun Joong, he dreams of his music and work abroad. It was fulfilled since he had gone to many parts of Asia to perform with SS501. And now plans had been laid out to bring his music for a world tour this year. Again this is beyond his dream. Hyun Joong has so many plans when he started doing solo that gradually is taking place.
He had a dream when he was young, but destiny had taken him somewhere a better place for him to be. Kim Hyun Joong walked in a rough road, took him in a twisted fate and lead him to the top……..     LazerKim here writing

[Article]Kim Hyun Joong STAR DANCER BTS

By LazerKim

 By LazerKim:  Kim Hyun Joong is a multi talented artist, a singer, actor, and dancer. Unlike other Solo singer, Hyun Joong dance while he sings. We watched him move his body to the rhythm of what he sings. But we do not have the slightest idea how it is to perform a 3minute piece of music, and how the preparation goes before we can finally see results. Let’s move in to the world of dancers and focus our attention to Kim Hyun Joong as a star dancer behind the scene.

To be a dancer is not an easy job to do, if I compare being a singer and a dancer, a dancer exerts more physical and mental effort than a singer. To be a good dancer takes a good body rhythm and coordination in all parts of the body, head to foot.
Before Hyun Joong steps on any stage, a lot of preparation has to be done, from concept, choreography, costumes, stage lights,effects, and his back up dancers the Artmatics. In terms of preparation, it may have the same process with SS501. Of course the big difference is that Hyun Joong has to occupy every single space of the stage by his presence alone.

Let’s get to the bottom of Hyun Joong being a dancer. Once his music had been composed, arranged, recorded with Hyun Joong, the ball starts rolling. It’s the turn of his choreographer Lyle Beniga to conceptualize the recorded music. Lyle starts to conceptualize everything before the main rehearsal starts. This includes the theme of the dance, choreography, costumes, props, and number of dancers needed.
Once everything had been set and planned out, Lyle starts with his rehearsals with the back up dancers first. Once the choreography had been done for the back up, that’s the only time Hyun joong starts his rehearsals. Lyle works on separate dance routine for Hyun Joong on certain parts of the music, then rehearse in unison with his back up dancers.

I believe Hyun Joong can easily pick up dance routine since Artmatics had been with SS501 for some time, therefore Hyun Joong and the Artmatics had already developed rapport.  It’s important that dancers in a group should move, coordinate, breath, and project all at the same time, to come up in a perfectly harmonized performance. Timing and musical cue is vital to the dancers.
In the case of Hyun Joong, since he sings and dance at the same time, he knows how to calculate between his breathing and his movements, knowing when to boost energy on dance routine, and when to tone down his movements. It’s not easy because Hyun Joong tends to exert beyond his peak during performance. Although in fairness, I’ve watched almost all his performances and he never go flat or out of tune, despite the demand of effort to exert on his dance routine.

Choreographers get their inspiration from his dancers, specially if they’re good and fast learning  dancers. Sometimes choreographers tend to go beyond with dance routine, and a lot of time forgets that Hyun Joong will be singing too!! And since Hyun Joong loves dancing, he would execute anything his choreographer tells him to do, can’t blame him, he’s a professional.
Hyun Joong is an inspiring material for Lyle, because of his passion for dance and passion for his music. Hyun Joong’s working attitude matured drastically. I can compare his current rehearsals from his previous SS501. He’s currently learning a different style in choreography, plus the fact that he’s doing everything on stage by himself could be the reason why he had matured.

Hyun Joong would rehearse for seven hours a day, hit the gym for two hours and back to the recording studio for his singing. He did this everyday when he was preparing for his first two albums. As a dancer, Hyun Joong would spend all his waking hours memorizing dance routine, that he should be able to attain a certain point that when he hears his music right on the dot he should know the music cue and his routine. That kinda feeling, because on big stages will his audience cheering on top of their voice can create immediate distraction to any dancer. Of course presence of mind is important, so is his routine.

Once he’s 105 percent sure of his song and dance, dress rehearsals comes next. As you can see from the photo above, he’s wearing his most comfortable clothes for rehearsals, so as he can freely move and execute his dance routine comfortably.
Dancing in light clothes is different from dancing in costumes or his outfit for the show. Dancing in actual costume tends to feel heavier and there’s a bit discomfort. He wears a different shirt, different shoes, and as you can see even during rehearsals he’s already wearing his dark glasses and his microphone. He has to get use to it as if his glasses and microphone are parts of his body.

Now that everything is set for show time, Hyun Joong is prepared to go out there to fight his battle. But not too fast, we’re just half way there. When Hyun Hoong launch his first album, his choreographer had considered his flexibility, meaning he’ll be performing in different stages, big or small stage, choreography has to be flexible.
Before each performances of Hyun Joong,  he has to work on stage blocking. This is positioning the dancers making sure they occupy the entire center stage without bumping to each other while dancing, whether performed on TV station stage which is smaller  or concert stage which is much bigger.

There are many types of elevated stage but mostly the main stage of a theater is usually rectangular shape with provision of connecting ramp, or the usual concert hall in Seoul with multiple connecting ramps. Everything has to be considered when dancers are to perform on stage. And that is why there’s always the SOP kinda technical stage rehearsals and technical dress rehearsals before the actual performance.
During the technical stage rehearsals, microphones, stage lights and effects should be in place with the dancers blocking. Lastly, there has to be technical dress rehearsals,and rough run through. At this point everything should be in place, before the actual performance without audience. This part can be most tiring, because lights and effect designs are done in actual rehearsals  together with the dancers. Lights and effects are computerized and so production set up can be much easier. Finally, Hyun Joong and his back up dancers step on that stage bringing his 100 percent confidence to perform.

 It’s been a fantasy dream of every dancer to be able to perform in a big stage well equipped with good quality sounds lights effects surrounded by enthusiastic audience. And this fantasy dream is no difference from Hyun Joong’s dream. Even he had experienced a lot of times to perform on big stage, he still dreams of Tokyo Dome on his solo concert in the near future.

The long process of preparation of every performance Hyun joong does is no joke. In every 3minutes piece of his music cost money and hard labor of love. As Hyun Joong climb up his career ladder, every step he goes up, the higher his quality standard gets. And it’s true when he said whenever he hears his fans cheer for him his adrenaline rise up beyond control. Dancers do get carried away by his audience specially on concerts that boost their energy to step up.
Now, you can imagine the hard work a dance singer has to undergo before he can perform  on stage. Hyun Joong exerts even extra effort making sure of attaining perfect performance consistently in every stage he steps in. And whenever he performs he always has something new either in his repertoire or in his image.
Hyun Joong is gifted with a lot of ideas in mind, and all he will do is to execute those creative ideas. Any dancer including himself would only dream of sharing the joy of entertainment to his audience. This is the world of KIm Hyun Joong as a star dancer. Written by: LazerKim

[Article] Transitions Kim Hyun Joong Way

by Aprilstarr
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 The audience see Kim Hyun Joong, the performer, on the stage, all glamour, all smiles having a grand time , well rehearsed dance moves. The impeccable voice is heard, the all confident stance is unmistakably present. But how was it when the stage was still bare and the audience was not yet there ? 

 Move back the time and scenes some more to when it all began..GOING SOLO, pre- Breakdown mini album release. Was it a time of unsureness, insecurities, doubt and loneliness, more work than ever before? Though there were people around but it felt no one was there.When early mornings were colder than usual and the nights felt so long and it was so dark, it seemed everything else wasn’t going anywhere? He must have felt all by himself. This is the underside of the perfect performance.

 Like having the first born the passage to go SOLO came with pain, the first blood, the first angst . The questions hung over his head when it will be over, when does the agony end, when will the rewards be forthcoming? But he must have declared to himself he is winning this battle no matter what. The stress had been overwhelming Kim Hyun Joong wanted to shave his head -similar to change of one’s physical looks upon entering the rite of passage. The former self must be left behind. His momentary surge of emotion did not lead to extreme hairstyle but had cut his hair nevertheless. He also did liminality or hid himself from the public view while undergoing the solo dance music preparation.

The rite of passage are ceremonies one goes through as transitions are made from one condition of life to the next. Call it the process one undergoes in moving from one major life events to another like birthdays, adolescence, adulthood, graduation,having a first job, marriage,having children then finally death. The moving from group performance to doing SOLO is a big leap given that it was a paramount personal decision of adulthood. It was a major event for Hyun Joong if you understand where he came from and the context of that decision.

For Breakdown album making Hyun Joong went through all the works aka stages -the concept, the songs , the recording, the choreography, the practices ,endless practices, then the shooting of the videos with repeated takes after takes. It was must have been tough as hell judging from Hyun Joong’s disclosures that he and the Artmatic members have all gotten sick on the side.
Finally, Kim Hyun Joong emerged in his full glory with the music videos of Please and Breakdown under his belt. His ordeal was finally over. Or was it? There was another hurdle to make or break -his public presentation. Was the public ready to hear his music and see the transformed Kim Hyun Joong live ? The new and improved Kim Hyun Joong ? The image and his music video which he later described as manly and dark for Breakdown had drawn raves and some rant. He had short black hair, leather outfit with man cleavage, rows of thick chains on his neck, and encased legs in shiny fabric completed with boots. He simply rocked with dark glasses which gave him that nonchalance air. In short, he looked cool with a brag worthy body without trying hard.

 The music video for Please, on the other hand, he himself noted pleased the officials of his company but later ironically displeased the South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and imposed its ban on it. Kiss,Kiss showed a gentle and sweet,lovable guy blonde Hyun Joong. Can’t satisfy all it seems until his awards showed he had been given the seal of approval by several South korean music awarding bodies.As another twist to this story, Hyun Joong won his case of appeal on the ban on Please.

Doing the Lucky Guy mini album must have been not as “painful” as the first album. Was it a case of the second time around knowing all the rules of the game? But just the same, the work that resulted showed almost flawless extravaganza and more. It earned its bragging rights as Hyun Joong added dazzling new steps and showed them off in special music events and festivals . Perhaps to spice up Hyun Joong’s saga another ban came this time for Lucky Guy but we haven’t heard yet if Hyun Joong’s company made an appeal for its lifting this time.

 Many album sales, showcase, Japan tour, more,more awards later, then debuting in Japan as solo artist , an avalanche of interviews, TV and radio guestings, being in countless magazine covers,CF’s – Kim Hyun Joong’s transitions his way is already a fait accompli- irreversible and cannot be undone.