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Kim Hyun Joong caps of new AEON CF, coolish fact

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Kim Hyun Joong Notepads

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Kim Hyun Joong covers Slim Beauty House brochure

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Kim Hyun Joong THEFACESHOP Taiwan New Promo

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Kim Hyun Joong Photos from SLIM BEAUTY HOUSE CF

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong - Is in Forbes Korea "Top 40 Korean Celebrities" 2011!

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Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong!
He was not in the previous year's list but because of his hard work (we all know his crazy globe-trotting schedule of 2011!), the increasing love and appreciation of fans and ultimately, the united power of Henecia around the world...he stormed into the 2011 list as a solo singer!
Let's hope 2012 will be an even better year for our U:zoosin! Hwaiting gurls!!

Note:  'Celebrity' refers to the individual who is widely known mass, and Forbes took 100 of celebrities and commemorate them based on Sales, Media, On Air/Exposure and Professionalism. This format is similar to that used in America Forbes list of 'Celebrity 100' list of them and reported on an annual basis. - explaination lifted from translated news quoting Joongang, via Naver (e.g. kpopstarz, yeppopo, allkpop)
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 A capture of the original list from Forbes Korea (courtesy of dkoukiou )

Kim Hyun Joong on Kan Fun Mag Vol.43

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Kim Hyun Joong's new photos for Hang Ten

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Kim Hyun Joong's Yokohama Japan Debut Premium Talk And Live Featured on Mnet MTime

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Kim Hyun Joong's Interview for Creasta Magazine:Interview about his music

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 Creasta KHJ Interview ( * Crazy for Asian Star ) 

Q 1: What kind of music genre did you aim in the current album? (Lucky ) 
KHJ: Frankly speaking, it seems that nobody is interested in my songs in themselves. I focused on “ music to see performance “ rather than “ music to listen to “. However, what I would like to aim from now on is a sort of music which makes everyone cheerful. I know that nobody expects me a high-quality music pieces. That is why I wanted to create songs easy on the ear. I aimed songs which make people comfortable and cheerful by just listening to. Maybe I talked about this too honestly (laugh)

Q2: Do you believe that you have grown up in music through this album? 
KHJ: Yes, I feel that I could have made improvement during this album production. I made my best efforts in vocal lessons to change myself. Though there are still many things to be improved, I feel that I could have changed the tone of my voice.

Q3: The 2nd mini-album, “Lucky “ includes a few pieces of ballad. 
KHJ: As I knew that people expected me to sing a ballad, I added them in the current album (laugh). In order to give a sense of stability in tone of the ballad, I especially focused on this to show how I had changed. I hope that everyone like them.

Q4: Compared with the previous mini-album, “Break Down”, how do you think of “Lucky” ? 
KHJ: To be honest with you, “Lucky” is better than “Break Down”.

Q5: You produced the 2nd mini-album in four months after the release of “Break Down”. You seemed to have really worked hard to produce your album with such a short interval. 
KHJ: Exactly! I really worked non-stop. I have been working hard without taking any rest till now. The current reaction from people itself is amazing for me because I thought in a different way. I felt that I was too late to release an album. I wanted to meet with my fans through my music as soon as possible. This feeling was overwhelming in myself. I wanted to deliver good songs to them. Therefore, I will continue to produce a single album constantly to see my fans.

Q6: Do you mean that you would release your album frequently? 
KHJ: True enough. Being a member of SS501, I released only one full-album. From my viewpoint, there is no point in differenciating a mini-album from a full-album. I will just count my album as the first, the second, and so on.

Q7: Could you explain about the title truck of “Lucky” album? 
KHJ: The basic sound of the title truck consists of a rhythmical electric guiar and brass rock’n’roll band music. It’s a funky rock. As I was involved from the planning, concept, ideas, and overall production, I am very attached to this album.

Q8: What kind of music do you want to create ? 
KHJ: The music I am really interested in is a band music. Before I joined SS501, I loved rock’n’roll music. When I was a high-school student, I was playing (a guitar) in the rock band. I would like to learn more about music so that I will be able to be confident. For me, it is music that I can get along with till the end of my life.

Q9: Could you tell us more details about “band music” which you are interested in ? 
KHJ: The genre I am much interested in is “club music”, but I also think that “band music” is exciting as well. That is why I introduced a real drum sounds in my album. The real sound of the musical instruments increases the “loose feeling “ in music. The sound of guitar was used to aim to add “dry and rough “ touch in the music. I love such taste. In addition to that, I wanted to show that we could dance with a band music. The choreography accentuated the dancing as well.

Q10 Could you tell me about episodes during the recording, if any ?
KHJ: Nothing special. I just enjoyed recording. You may easily recognize while listening to “Lucky Guy”, there’s a sound like the howling of a wolf just before the song goes to bridge (* the melodyline between the 1st lyrics and the 2nd lyrics ). Originally, I wanted to insert a female voice, but I could not find a preferable female sexy voice. Therefore, I did it by myself. Please check this while listening (laugh)

Q11: Finally, could you tell us your plan as artist ? 
KHJ: I just want to create a good album. In the far distant future, on the occasion of my retirement as dance-music singer, I would like to invite my fans to the concert and show the best (unsurpassable ) live. I can stand here thanks to the warm support from all of my fans. I would like to convey my appreciation to the fans as much as possible.

[Article]Kim Hyun Joong… CONTAGIOUS

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By LazerKim:  “Contagious”…..Do you know how this word became popular to Hyun Joon fans? Kim Hyun Joong wrote to his fans while he was in Japan quite recently, as the message said his executive director in Japan gave him a germ killing air freshener, which he placed beside his bed. He was having head ache ever since he place the air freshener, and so he took it away, and soon his head ache was gone. Hyun Joong said he’s a germ, so he said we, his fans are liking a germ!!! Every time I read the messages it feels as if I have a lover who’s giving a sweet nothing notes!! Isn’t he sweet?  So how can you leave a man like this?
Kim Hyun Joong should be a celebrity, someone we admire, someone we look up to and yet it feels he’s somebody else, it feels as if he’s a closest friend that even we seldom see him yet so near. Do you feel the same way? And I’m sure whenever you’re at internet, the first thing you search is news update about Hyun Joong. Yes? And after reading update you go further into searching for something to read about Hyun Joong. Yes? This is so contagious, believe me. And yet he’s so near, whenever I write, I feel as if he’s just sitting beside me, pushing me to write about him!! This is becoming a daily hobby for me that ease my everyday stress from work.

It feels good to talk about him, because there are a bunch of interesting matters about Hyun Joong that people gets addicted to him. And this is just a matter of his story passing it on to whoever strangers or friends and before you know it, his story is all over internet, and before you know it he’s already building his fans by just getting to know him better.
Recently I invited a fan friend of mine to read one of my articles, it was her first time to read just one article, and when I check on her again after few hours she read about four articles and leaving comment in every article in no time and asked me a lot of about Hyun Joong!!! I said to myself, oh my God if she can read this much in one sitting,  I was speaking to myself as I called Hyun Joong “come on kiddo give me more titles I can write I might run out of dose!!!” By the way I call Hyun Joong as kiddo, a youngster!
And one amazing thing is, sometimes I see him in his fans specially from readers. Hyun Joong is very courteous, polite and well-mannered, and so with his fans, so far I haven’t encountered fans who has the opposite character. It’s like saying, tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Tell me who your idol is and I’ll tel you what you are!!! Does it apply?? I think so, because Hyun Joong fans are just like him?? I think personal taste can sometimes reflect as to who you are, do you agree?

Last Christmas I bought 10 CD copies of Breakdown, just tie a red ribbon on it and gave it to my closest friends as Christmas present. I visited one of them in her house recently, and upon entering her house I heard the music Breakdown and two of his brothers were dancing Hyun Joong’s choreography of Breakdown!! They said they won the school competition using Hyun Joong’s music, and they’ll be competing with other school using the same entry.  I was so pleased, because I bought those CDs as my way of supporting Hyun Joong that time and eventually gained fans, now they became my readers. One of these days I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to be like us, addict to Hyun Joong!!
Before I read the news about Hyun Joong’s World Tour Concert, I wasn’t surprised at all, I knew it that crowd in Japan that he created and his posters at the subway station which created unexpected crowd would result to a good business opportunity for investors. It was an international news, people talks and get curious as to how he was able to create such crowd, and to fill up their curiosity they would hit the internet to get information about the guy on that poster. until they reach the point of getting to know you better. Same germs he spread it out in Japan that people got contagious!!

Hyun Joong is not only a hard worker in his craft, anything attached to his craft is important to him including its promotion. He patiently go from one place to another for event fan autograph signing, public appearances, TV interviews talk shows ect. And he’s not selfish of giving even a little information about his personal life, just enough to satisfy his fans as to who he really is in the real life. And so even the media doesn’t brag about sensitive issues of his personality, because he’s being candidly honest with them. And then anything he does, people follow, you remember the Maneki Neko (lucky cat) he bought  from a traditional store in Ginza Tokyo? Hyun Joong appeared on Japanese TV show and he was asked what place he had been in Tokyo, and he mentioned the store where he bought a Maneki Neko. After the airing of that show, the following day the Maneki Neko he bought at the same store was sold out in one day. Contagious!!
Hyun Joong is quite a smart guy that he knows how to be popular without being a “try Harder” type of guy. He’s simply as natural as himself. The only problem with Hyun Joong is that he’s not the type who’s what you see is what you get!!! You know what I mean!! When he talks the world just turn upside down!!! Most specially if his 4D attacks!!! You see him the first time full of class like a prince, when he talks he just turn to a simple ordinary man but listen to what he is saying, the deeper you question him, the more logical he gets.

Before I go on, check on the photo above, notice that every time Hyun Joong perform he wears a cross pendant, this is one of the biggest cross pendant he has I’ve seen so far. I’ve mentioned this in one of my articles that even he simply wears it as an accessory, I believe Hyun Joong is spiritually guided.
In one of his interviews in Japan during the recording of AEON commercial TV ad, if you remember the ad he has five female of different ages dancing with him including an elder grandma at his back,  he was asked How he felt after seeing CM? Hyun Joong said,
“There’s an old woman dancing behind me and she surprised me because she danced very well. It made me feel vexed and I wonder if I could still dance to breakdown when I reached her age.” (there was a roar of laughter from the staffs) He continued, “When I reach old age maybe there will be people watching over me from heaven, it’s actually good like that……only looking at me anyway!!!” LOL
What he meant was that he also have elderly fans, when they pass away his elder fans will still be watching over him!!!  Well I would believe that’s very likely to happen!! In any of Hyun Joong’s interview, he leaves something to laugh about without intending to.

I remember in one talk show, Hyun Joong was relating to have seen a ghost. He was just out of the shower drying his hair and suddenly a figure of a ghost just appeared in front of him. He was all naked as he run from the bathroom towards the room of his manager to wake him up and told him he had seen a ghost. his manager was totally shock because he was naked!! Until such time he got use to the ghost in his dorm that every time the ghost would make noise Hyun Joong would drive them away!!
Every time funny things he did just pop into my mind I just kept laughing by myself!! He’s so contagious. Another interview from Guerrilla Date, listen to the tone of his voice in that video, I don’t understand Korean but he has a funny tone. The host was almost dying of laughter but Hyun Joong remained cool and very passive, and towards the end of the interview he forgot the title of the show he said something like Star Date instead of Guerrilla Date!!  This interview was his funniest but it’s totally innocent!! Ahh I missed his TV appearances at Talk Shows. We rarely see him on these shows, but maybe when he promotes his album we’ll get to watch him again.
Now I can imagine he’ll be doing a world concert tour and he’ll mark a history in different countries again, it’s very likely that similar event in Japan will transpire again. I’ll discuss this topic one of these days, since this is a world concert I would assume it’s a major concert and preparation is not a joke.
Well, watching Hyun Joong grew up to be a real man from a high school playful kid, and watching how fast his career prosper, look at him now as he became a shinning star, I would say this is the longest and most interesting Korean drama I’ve ever watched in my entire life and starred by…………. Kim Hyun Joong as the most contagious love ever spread around the world.                                                           LazerKim here writing