joi, 24 mai 2012

[Article] bodyguards who secretly Hyun Joong fan letter 'Touche'

Kim Hyun Joong reveals singer's fans love this topic has raised short video.

In a community bulletin board on the 24th 'fan letter secretly been avoiding eye guards that Kim Hyun Joong' short video was shown entitled.

Screen as the title indicates. One woman tried to pass a letter to Kim Hyun Joong fans, Kim Hyun Joong let things straight forward, walking backward letter has been secretly reached out his hand. Bodyguard to restrain the woman is expected. I noticed security guards watching the moment to receive a letter of Kim Hyun Joong grinning eye-catching look.

In the last 20 days the scene captured on the wedding of comedian Jeong Jun-ha was known.

Netizens to treat the fans are impressed by the attitude of Kim Hyun Joong. "Why You're loved by Kim Hyun Joong," "sincere respect for the fans can feel like a" "security, even in the" letter scene too seolreyo who "has led such comments.

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  1. Hyu Joong have a great attitude. :) It was quite romantic actually. Huhu...
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